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Veneer laminated door skin panels are a type of manufactured hot press molded panels, used high grade HDF panel with beautiful thin sheets of natural veneer made from different types of log or EV veneer, based on customers request. Shape & design made by forming the HDF panels by high pressure hot press with natural wood texture surface effectively on surfacing processing, it is similar to the more widely used engraved wood panels for doors.

Veneer laminated door skin panels are used instead of plywood or wood because of first: saving forest, trees to keep our earth for posterity, second their resistance to impact, weather, moisture, shattering in cold (ductility), chemicals. At last, final surface it’s exactly same as wooden door after installing on frames so it’s perfect choices to protecting our earth.

Veneer laminated door skin panels layers (called veneer door skin) are used Eco-friendly glued together with adjacent plies having their wooden texture at right angles to each other for greater strength & beautiful surface. The thin veneer sheet layer added for protection vary in composition, thickness, color and texture according to the application.

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